Lean Yellow Belt eLearning (Dutch)
Lean Yellow Belt eLearning (Dutch)
Align with the LSSA Yellow Belt skill set and good preparation for passing the yellow belt exam.

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  • Constant support from our LSSMBB
  • Interactive learning journey  
  • self-paced learning schedule 
  • Preparation for passing LYB exam  
  • 12-month valid and easy to be extended 

After purchasing the license code, please visit here to log in.

The LSSA Yellow Belt eLearning 
The eLearning provides you with everything you need at the Yellow Belt level. It is a self paced eLearning with interactive content such as videos, photos and check questions that prepare you for the official LSSA exam. 

This eLearning course does not request any prerequisites. 
You do not need to pass any pre-assessment and you can start whenever you want. Anyone who is interested in knowing the basic Lean Six Sigma skills is welcome.

What are the available languages? 
The eLearning is available in English, Dutch and German. 

Can I create a demo account? 
Yes, you can easily create your demo account free of charge to have a first view of our eLearning through the LSSA website. 

How to start? 
If you are following a training at one of our ATOs, please contact your ATO for a license code. If you are a public candidate, please visit our web shop and purchase a license code. Your license is valid for 12 months and it can be easily extended. 

Do I receive any help during my learning journey? 
Yes. We have assigned a trainer (LSSMBB) to the eLearning program. You can send the trainer a message in case if you have any content related questions. 

Table of Content:

1. World Class
2. Policy development en deployment
3. Project management
4. CIMM Level I - Creëer een solide foundation
5. CIMM Level II - Creëer een continue verbetercultuur
6. CIMM Level III - Creëer stabiele en voorspelbare processen
7. CIMM Lvel IV - Creëer capabele processen