Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt
Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt Book
Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt - Mindset, skill set and tool set

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Language: Dutch, English

Serie: Climbing the Mountain

Author: H.C. Theisens

Edition: 1

ISBN13: 9789492240248


The Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt - Mindset, skill set and tool set belongs to the series Climbing the Mountain and it follows the skill set of Lean Six Sigma Academy (LSSA). 

This book is different from other books on Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma because it addresses the relation between Lean and other improvement methods such as TQM and Kaizen. All these methods, tools and techniques have been united in the 'Continuous Improvement Maturity Model'(CIMMTM). The CIMM is an open standard and is maintained by the 'Lean Six Sigma Academy (LSSA)'. This model describes the process of continuous improvement from a very early stage to delivering World Class products and services. The framework incorporates the best practices, methods and techniques of process improvement,  quality management and new product development. The framework also connects the so-called hard elements of process improvement and the so-called soft elements of organizational development and change management. 

All the techniques described in these skill set will be reviewed in this book. This book can be used for those who will executing Kaizen or Lean Projects. We also advise you to use the accompanying exercise book with exercises and answer keys. Those who wish to apply Lean or Six Sigma at a Yellow, Green or Black Belt level are advised to read one of the other books in the series ‘Climbing the Mountain’ and use the corresponding exercise book.

Table of Content:

1. World class 
2. Policy development en deployment
3. Project management
4. CIMM Level I - Creating a solid foundation 
5. CIMM Level II - Creating a continious improvement environment 
6. CIMM Level III - Creating stable and efficient processes
7. CIMM Level IV - Creating capable processes
9789492240248 (NL)
Dutch or English
Date of first publication
March 2021
Climbing the mountain